Send/move files/folder to listary favorite by right click

It would be great if we can send files by right click to favorite folder :slight_smile:

Who really cares the “send to” by windows?
The folders listed by window there are not smart enough.
listart should be the one to suggest and list the folder !

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Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, it would be great to have Listary favorite folders shown in “send to” menu. I’ve added this feature to the plan.

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Maybe it would be easy to add a command line parameter to listary that would add specified folder (with specified name) to favorites list.
This command may be added to directory context menu. In Directory Opus such thing is very easy and I believe it’s quite easy to add such context menu item to Explorer by adding one key to Windows registry.

Hello daroc,
Thank you very much for the suggestion. Added to my to-dos :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, because I too would appreciate such an option.