Security Nas Bug

I have a Nas for my family with some system and important folders so I made all invisible and Windows 7 don’t show this folders (only who know the name can access) so if I search files with windows there no problems because file of an hidden folders are obviously hidden!
That is false for Listary and I think is really a big security bug!
Please fix it!


Thanks for your feedback.

You can go to Listary Options - Index to exclude specific folders. After that, make sure you also go to Listary Options - History and click Clean History.

Already did before I sent you this bug report but is only a workaround and for sure a wrong one.

  1. That filter is in clear, know the name of an hidden folder is like a “password” and you is asking me to write that password :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Is a security problem so have to stay in Listary free and not in Listay Pro
  3. First programmer rule “not break rules of levels under your software” or will be the chaos.

There are better workaround but this will remain still a bug, I like Listary a lot so I thought that was my duty to sent you this bug report but is your choice to fix or not.
Best regard and good luck :wink:

In future versions, there will be a global option to allow you to exclude system and hidden folders.