Search Your Online Drives (Dropbox, Keep, Drive...)

You know what would make this already awesome software 10x awesomer!

The ability to search your online files on (Google Drive, Google Keep, docs, dropbox, onedrive…etc)
Like Listary meets Haystack all in one place.

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Need, need, need this! :slight_smile:

If I understand you correctly, you’d like to seamlessly integrate the online storage into Listary so it automatically searches everyplace including your various online locations at once. That is certainly beyond me, though I’m sure it could be done, albeit likely some technical challenges. However, searching any online storage by itself can be done like any other specialized web search. Just in case you need a tip on how to set that up: do a search within your online store for a single word that is pretty distinctive, ideally in all caps. Then copy the URL and examine it. I searched my Dropbox for BANANA and the URL I got was this:
ht tps://www.dropbox. com/search/personal?path=%2F&query=BANANA&search_session_id=xxxxxxxxx&search_token=yyyyyyyyyyyyy
(I blanked out my identifying info with xxxx and yyy, and I had to insert a few spaces just to post here).
If you enter this into Listary as a custom web search substituting {query} for BANANA, it should work just fine. Similarly for GoogleDrive or any other searchable online storage.
This same strategy will work for ANY searchable web site, by the way.
hope this is helpful


THANK YOU! it IS certainly helpful :slight_smile: but apps like “Haystack” before it was abandoned or “eesel” now still are useful cause they’re one step faster cause as open the file directly without the need to wait for the search page to load then select the file.

There’s another option which likely works. There are many utilities that allow you to mount a cloud drive as if it’s a local disk drive (e.g. just as one example). I suspect that with at least some of those, Listary will index them as if they are local drives and just plain work. I wouldn’t be certain of any one product–you’d have to try it.

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