Search suggestion and custom shortcuts

Hi, i’m in a real need of a new launcher. I mainly use it google search. i’ve tried the free version. But am happy to pay for pro.

i was wondering if the pro version had a way to make a shortcut hotkey to automatically start the listary box with 'gg ’ already inputted into it. This way i could quickly google search without having to type 'gg ’ each time.

Also does the pro version have google search suggestions to save time? Thanks!

A fallback search feature will be added in future versions. You can type your search query without gg, and if nothing matches it locally, you can open Google to search for it.

Search suggestions are not available at the moment.

The problem with that is if the google search is for something like ‘ball’, the characters will be too short to automatically prompt a google search right?

The Google search command will always be prompted as the last search result. In most cases there are no other results so it’s selected automatically. When you search for something like ball you can select it manually by simply pressing up key to wrap around to the bottom of search results.