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Could someone help me with this problem? When I type a few letters into Listary, my search results prioritise long file names that have these letters somewhere in the name, instead of showing me filenames starting with those letters. For example, if I type in ‘FAT’, instead of showing me results like Fateful.docx, or Fats.jpg up front, it shows me things like '“Facilities Specialist.docx” just because the word ‘facilities’ has the letters F, A, and T somewhere in it.

See this screenshot:

In this screenshot, where I typed in ‘FAT’, the first few search results should show me the files highlighted in yellow, all of which start with the letters FAT. Instead it shows me F L A S H N O T E, just because the letters F, A, and T appear in the word Flashnote.

In fact, in the 3rd result which is “Notification Manager for Adobe Acrobat”, it doesn’t even do this right. Instead of highlighting the letters F, A, and T in the word “noti f ic at ion”, it ignores them and shows me the same letters further on in the filename - “f or A dobe Acroba t”.

Logically, if at all these results should be shown, they should be way down in the results, and not as the first 3. First priority should be results starting with the letters FAT. Next should be results containing FAT e.g. “GodFATher” or “InFATuation”. Only lastly should it show me words like “FAciliTy”, etc.

How can I change this and make Listary prioritize results with my typed letters in succession instead of spaced out?

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I love Listary and can’t live without it, but the issue you identify has been a long-time annoyance for me. Thank you for taking the initiative to ask about it. I hope someone can offer a solution.

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