Search result menu to stay open after open file?

this is a bug? the search result menu closes everytime after i open a file from the result menu

how can we keep this menu stay open so we can continue to open several files without having to search again?

I also have this bug.

why is the search result window/menu automatically closes after each file is opened? why can’t the window stay open so we can choose to open multiple files? this is extremely annoying so please fix it.

each time I open a file I have to do the search again, if I need to search and open 8 files with similar name then I have to search 8 different times, instead of search once and open 8 files with single search.

Not a bug apparently. But this design may change in the future by offering another option rather than “fixing” it. Originally, Listary was aim to be a launcher more than a file searcher. Currently, “Everything” is what you need for a file searcher.

we definitely need this feature to make it great