Search/query/launch history

I am a new Listary user, and I’m coming from Executor. With Executor, I had a keyword set up to launch PuTTY with a parameter (the server to connect to). In other words, I could type in “putty” into the executor search box, and it would launch the putty application with that parameter. After running this several times with several different parameters, executor would have a list of these executions at the top of the search results when I simply typed in the “putty” keyword as shown in the following screen shot:

I’ve been able to set up a custom keyword in Listary which functions the same way, but does not save the matches in the search history. The way that I set up the keyword was with “{query}” in the parameter field. Is there a way to get this to work similar to Executor? OR… Is there another way to get this to work without having to create keywords for each and every server I connect to (there are a LOT!)

For similar case I just made a directory with putty requests including the servers as parameter.
Then make an menu entry in Listary for the content of this dir as favorite folder
and you can select from the drop-down list shown.

Yeah, true. That’s exactly why I was using Executor, though. So I wouldn’t have to do that.

Thank you for your feedback. This feature looks useful. I’ll add it to my to-do.