Search pop-up location

Hi All

Is there anyway of specifying where the search window opens, when pressing CTRL-CTRL?

At the moment it seems to open is a different position each time I activate it (Bottom Right, Middle, Bottom center… then starts again). I should mention, its running on a remote host, I connect to via RDP.


Try to drag the left border to change its position.

I’d like to be able to move mine because the last “hit” is always hidden below the bottom border of my screen. But can’t drag it anywhere. It stays in the middle of my screen, vertically and horizontally. (I have Listary Pro.)

Hold Ctrl and drag it to a new position.
Sometimes it works also without Ctrl.
The cursor must be on the left side of the empty pop-up to do that

Hmmm…nope. For some reason Çtrl does nothing, nor Alt, nor Shft.