Search Listary for Folders ONLY

I am using the > to start a search in Windows Explorer. Usually, I am looking for a folder to navigate to - not for a specific file. But there are so many file matches, that I can’t find the desired folder in the list.

Is there any way in the search to specify that I want to match Folders ONLY (i.e. do not display file matches)?


Thanks for your suggestion. This is already on my to-do list. It’ll be added soon.

When the list of matches comes up, is it possible to open the folder location for one of the search results, rather than open the file itself?

Yes. Select a result item, press right arrow key instead of Enter, and then you’ll get Open Folder.

I fully agree with this post and think that making searches default to folders only and ignore files is critical for mainstream appeal for Listary. 99% percent of my searches are to save a file in a folder or to navigate to a folder in XYplorer using listary and yet no matter whether I use Listary in built search or everything search and fuzzy matching I see inaccurate search results. e.g. If I search for a folder called “Sedco Teaming Agreement” if I type > “agreement Sedco” I don’t get the desired result but a bunch of files but if I type “Sedco agreement” then I do see the folder I am after, why? What listary needs is pattern scoring so that search result present with the most likely sought after folder first with what folders is determined by a combination of both how recently that folder was accessed and how many of the words searched for appear in its title. Also can you set up Listary to search all drives by default with the “>” used if you only want to search the folder you are in - that makes more sense to me?

Would it be sensible to search folders only (not files) if the first char of the input string is \ (backslash)? I found this one easier to type, and intuitive once you think twice.

Since currently backslash is used as suffix of word to indicate part of parent folder, the first char indicates nothing, thus it would be great to use it as an indicator to search folders only.

P.S. other way to switch on folder only search would (and should?) exist, but I think this one less obtrusive (easy to type).

If you end your search string with a space
folders will be displayed first

For one keyword.
Sometimes, but not always. Almost, but not exclusively.
eg, On my PC,

  • type "note ", result several files, in this case *lnk files, eg, Notepad.lnk and Notepad++.lnk.
  • type "god ", all firstly listed are files. (no commonly used fold containing with “god”.

For mutiple keyword.
Definitely not the case. Just try type prog note with trailing space.

Version info, Listary Pro, Version 5.00.2843

Just type the folder: keyword anywhere in your search query.

You’ll be able to autocomplete it in the next version so it would be very easy to use then.


Would be nice to have this , just like everything’s filter.

As Channing wrote just write folder:
It works the same in Everything and there is no need for a drop-down menu in this simple case.