Search is finding files in excluded RECYCLER folder

As described I’ve excluded the RECYCLE folder from searching, but searching find files in this folder still. Any idea why this might be? Thank you and regards

A similar problem occurs with “EIGENE DATEIEN” folder (“MY FILES”?) too: A file in this folder was found althoug I’ve excluded this folder. But all another files weren’t found (as expected). It seems that Listary is remembering that I’ve used this file in the last days and therefore it wouldn’t exclude it from seaching.

  1. In the current version it’s very tricky to exclude Recycle Bin. You have to add the $RECYCLE.BIN folder on all drives (i.e. C:$RECYCLE.BIN, D:$RECYCLE.BIN, etc.) to the exclusion list. A simple solution is to add an exclude filter $*.

  2. The file is from History. Go to Listary Options - History, and click Clean History.


Wow, now the problems are solved, thank you!
Regards Knasterbart