Search control panel / windows settings


First of all I would like to say I love listary so far. Especially the integration with directory opus is perfect.

One thing I’m missing is being able to search the control panel and Windows settings. I normally use the start menu, and/or other launchers to jump to certain settings like ’ mouse’ or ‘network adapters’ quickly.

It would be great if this can be integrated in the app launcher. If it’s already integrated, I would love to know how I can use it.



I just found the following:

When creating a command in Listary, you can set the path to ‘control’, and the parameters to for example mouse. This will open the mouse settings.

It would be nice however if it would already be integrated by default.

It seems like a very easy to implement and very handy feature!


Thanks for the suggestion. This feature will be supported in Listary 5 as a plugin.