Search Behaviour

9 times out of 10 I am searching for path files rather than programs. It slow me down having to click space if necessary. I have come from Launchy where files and launch apps were integrated. This was never an issue for me. Please consider making this an option!

How can typing an aditional space slow you down ?
You have the hands on the keyboard anyway to type your search text

This app is all about speed. Things I do 100 times a day. Sometime I have to click space and sometimes not. I have to look up from my keybaord to check. Small gains!

You can check Listary Options - General - Fuzzy matching to get the same behavior.

However please note that Launchy usually only searches 100 or so files, but Listary needs to search more than 1,000,000 files on your disk. You may get many unwanted results if you use fuzzy matching to search your entire disk.

OK will give it a go thanks