Running listary on office pc (no admin rights)


why is this not possible?


Any program reading the MFT for fast searching requires Admin rights.
That is not Listary specific and true for all other fast search tools like Everything or Ultra Search.

Exactly. It’s not possible to run disk search without admin rights at the moment.

I think listery is great in both of the modes whether it is with admin rights or without, but my opinion falls for listery portable without admin rights… In my view listary should only ask for admin rights when it is necessary according to users choice… it should work without admin rights as usual it was working, because i am fan of listary since it was without admin rights and now i am a bit of annoyed that i can not set it to startup coz every time i start my pc it pops up for admin rights permission…

So, Please try to fix this…

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Use the installer version and it won’t ask for admin rights.

At the moment the fast disk search index engine requires admin rights to index your entire disk in seconds and update it in real-time. Without admin rights, it could take tens of minutes and real-time update will be unavailable.

There is nothing to fix !
It looks like you don’t understand that an MFT search is not possible without Admin rights.
Every tool in Windows has this limitation.

Yes, it’s not a bug. But the application will offer to work with network drives, see

This works without access to an MFT. I’m shure.

I’d be happy if I could use listary for a non admin environment to index some network directories in my special interest (< 1.000 directories, < 10.000 files). It would be work fine for me if index is updated ones per our or less, e. g. twice a day. Keypirinha does this job in less than one or minutes. There is no need to index the local disk and therefore no need to access the MFT.

Can I use it without admin right or not?

If you don’t need to search too many files and are OK with slow indexing, it’s possible to build a version that doesn’t require admin rights. I’ll look further into this after finishing the stable version of 6.0.

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That’s exactly the feature I’d like to see. I do need Listary with normal “admin mode” and MFT access on a laptop and on a desktop and with “non admin mode” on an other desktop.

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Note that Everything manages to do fast full-disk searches without admin rights. Just not as a service, probably.

Thats wrong.
Without admin rights you can only use folder indexing in Everything.