Run portable version without admin rights at windows 7

Hi ,

I’m trying use the portable version, 4.23.1728 at my work.
I do not have admin rights.
When I start the listary , it’s already ask for admin password for ListaryService.exe… which I do not have and cancel this execution.
So, the listary do not work fine… any kind of search works…
If I type at windows explorer it’s appear and “freeze” … do not give me any results , either the local folder.

Is there a workaround ?
I want to buy a license to use at my work , but without this feature , is useless for me :frowning:

You should use the installer version instead. It only requires admin rights once during installation.

This is bad…
The security policy of the company is very restrict and the IT staff very unpleasant for this kind of request. (install app at our desktop machines with admin rights).

So sad… no listary at my work… I really get used at my home.

As user , I just see this awkard , the need of admin rigths. Since the resource I need is just read files and directories which I have access.

It would be extremely slow if Listary accesses your files in the same way as a real user (which requires no admin rights). Just think what happens when you open a folder containing lots of files - it may take seconds. And Listary has to index thousands of that kind of folders…

So instead, Listary indexes your files as the system does which is very fast but requires admin rights.

Hi, I got the same condition. The administrator wouldn’t let me install it.
Now in version 5 portable version is there possible to run without admin rights?
Well i can stand it is slower without admin right…just let me use it.
Sad T-T

I’m thinking about developing a version with limited features that don’t require admin rights. It may take some time as lots of modifications are required.