Resolved: [NOT A BUG] Copy/move to current directory stopped working

System Info:

  • Windows 8.1 x64
  • Listary Pro 5.00.2410 (in Chinese)

Reproduction Guide:

  1. Start Windows file manager, navigate to any folder that you have write permission.
  2. Launch listary searching bar, type name of an existing file which is not in current folder.
  3. Select the file in Listary’s drop down menu and press ctrl+o.
  4. Select Copy to current directory

Observed behavior:

Nothing happened. No file was copied to anywhere.

Expected behavior

The selected file should be copied to the current directory.

Other Info

It has been working until recently. Maybe it’s due to my recent installation of other applications? Let me know if you need any other info to solve this.

PS: I’m using Chinese version, so I don’t know if my translation is correct. And I think bug related posts should be put here. So that’s it.

I found this post:

So it’s not a bug. That menu item only works when listary is called within an explorer (by direct typing in an explorer window).

Sorry for the false alarm! And Thanks for this amazing app. I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends.