[REQUEST] Use ShellExecuteHook to open folders


I am using QTTabBar 262 and Listary 4.10.
QTTabBar adds tabs to the Windows Explorer and can automatically capture new Explorer processes. When I open a folder from Listary’s dropdown list it gets opened in a new Explorer window instead of a new tab.

I’ve found this statement from the developer of QTTabBar:

‘ShellExecuteHooks’ is a function of Windows which allows programmers to set
hook on 'ShellExecute API calls.
When some application tries to open a folder window using shell file
association, QTTabBar can tell which folder is now opening
and can decide whether to open as a tab or a window.

Source: [QuizoApps] Login | Backlog
Login: guest/guest

Is it possible for you guys to make use of the ShellExecute function?

Thank you!

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Yeah I vote for this too.


Listary does use ShellExecute to open folders. I’ll find out what breaks the compatibility between Listary and QTTabBar.

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Okay, interesting and weird that’s it not working, despite the fact that the ShellExecuteHooks option in QTTabBar is activated.
Thanks for taking a look into it!

Anything new regarding this issue ?
I’m using QTTabBar too (ShellExecuteHooks activated) with Listary Pro and it keeps opening a new window at every search…


It has been confirmed that Windows 10 will add tab support to Explorer soon. So there is no plan to add support for QTTabBar now.

Yes I saw this information… I would say, Finally !
Unfortunatly we are not running Windows 10 at my workplace… And I don’t know how long it will be so.
I tried a lot of explorers but was never convinced by one in particular… Could you advice some free alternatives (libre would be the best) for tabbed explorer which could work with listary ?
(By the way, congratulations for your amazing soft which became a must-have tool for me since a long time)

You can take a look at Clover: http://en.ejie.me/