Request: Track Upload History

Since Listary already interacts with the Windows file system user interface, I am wondering if a feature could be added to it to keep a record of files uploaded to the Web (or to anywhere else), along with the date, the file name and location on my Windows computer, and, ideally, the URL to which it was uploaded. Browsers track file download history but not file upload history. Windows does not seem to track either.

Example use case: I uploaded several documents to my Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) last month and I’m supposed to bring those same documents with me to the next DMV appointment. Unfortunately, all I have about which documents they are is a general description shown on the DMV website. I cannot see them or download them from there, and I have no idea where I have them stored on my computer and won’t know for sure that I have found the same ones I uploaded. (Worse, they want the originals, but without seeing the copies, I don’t know what originals to be looking for.) If I had a file upload history, I would know exactly what files I’m looking for.

This would not even have to be incorporated into Listary (though that would be good, too). An upload log would be a welcome piece of stand-alone software (or browser extension).