Remove Power shell item on Menu

Listary menu default with commands and power shell on the menu. How do I remove power shell item. I want to set my own power shell to run power shell as admin.

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Whats the problem to edit or add under Options / Menu ?

PowerShell is actually listed twice. On the main Listary context menu and in the Commands context menu.
I agree. Admin options would be handy.

Entires under Actions and Menu can both changed by the user
and are not hardcoded in Listary.

2 items that do not show up in the Menu ie. Power shell and Commands so you can not edit or remove them.

Would you kindly show me how step by step.

As noted above the major entries like Commands and Powershell cant be changed
but you can have your own Powershell entries inside of actions or in the menu.

That’s exactly what I did and now I have 2 entries on the menu, One for the Admin and the other is regular which I don’t need. I can see that Commands cant be changed but Power Shell is just another Windows Command and should be allowed to remove from the menu. Thanks