Remembering the last text that was typed

It would be nice to have an option that if enabled would make Listary remember the last text the user typed into the toolbar. Could be limited to when the user manually triggers the Listary toolbar via a hotkey.

In the ctrlctrl toolbar, you can use up or down arrow key to review your text history.

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Developing of Listary 5 stopped long ago and won’t be restarted. Listary 6 has this feature and lacks some features in V5, but most of them will be added back according to the developer.


Hmm, didn’t know Listary 6 even existed. I’ve been using Listary 5 for a long time but it never told me there is an update to 6 :sweat_smile:

It was never be an update because version 6 was and still is a beta version
starting some years ago.
So you didn’t read this forum which I would assume for an normal users.

I’ve switched to the latest Listary (v6) and can’t find this feature. Is it possible to make Listary open with the previous string that I typed and invoked an action on (Open, Open Folder, etc.)?

The cursor up arrow key does it

Yea, just noticed the reply from Fyyyy. Mind blown :wink: Thanks!