Remember the last call string and the file was chosen

Let’s say we have 2 files in the dir:

  1. User runs Listary, types “file1”
  2. Listary selects file1.txt by default
  3. User presses “down” key, the selected file is “file123.txt” now
  4. User presses “Enter” key, the file is opened.

When user next time types “file1” in Listary, the file “file1.txt” will be selected. But the better option in this case would be to focus on “file123.txt” as it is the file which was opened last time by Listary with a search string “file1”. This workflow is used in Launchy app.

It would be very helpful because if you need to open the same app or file everyday you would prefer using the same search string.

Search results in “List” section do not use run history. All other sections (e.g. “Path”) behave exactly as you described.

All other sections (e.g. “Path”) behave exactly as you described.

They don’t.

Toad was on the 2nd position in Listary after I had run Toad using Listary 3 times in a row.

I just tested it and history for Launch Apps worked well here. Is it possible that Totalcmd has been launched many more times than Toad for Oracle previously?

Yes, it’s possible. Does Listary use “order by number_of_calls desc” or “order by least recently used” algorithm to sort the search results? Does it track the last search keys (like “toad”, “toa”, “tocmd” in this case) and reference it to the user’s choice?

Listary uses frecency, a combination of both frequency and recency. However it doesn’t store search queries currently. I’ll try to make some tweaks.