[Release] One-key show toolbar and/or show popup menu

The following external plugin to Listary allows you to press the left Windows key once to show the listary toolbar, and to press the left Control key once to show the listary popup menu. Both of these features do not interfere with normal key combinations such as Ctrl+S to save, or any other key combination.

Follow the steps below carefully to set it up.

Go to the following url, and paste the contents into a new file in notepad, save it with a .ahk extension.
EDIT: Updated to work with the mouse buttons (ignores them)

Go to AutoHotkey Downloads
Download the autohotkey installer and go through the set up wizard.

Then, right click the .ahk script you created earlier in windows explorer and choose compile to exe from the context menu.
Then, create a shortcut of the .exe file after it compiles (in the same directory), and put it in shell:startup folder (Start > Run > shell:startup)

That will make this script run automatically when you log in to your PC. For the first time, manually open the compiled exe file.

Then, go into Listary options and disable the double Ctrl key to activate option, if it’s enabled.
Set the show listary toolbar hotkey to CTRL+SHIFT+WIN+S
Set the show popup menu hotkey to CTRL+SHIFT+WIN+F

You will never use these. The script uses them internally.

For your own use, press left windows key once to show the listary toolbar, no more pressing something twice.
Press the ctrl key once to show the popup menu.

Key combinations will work normally and the Listary toolbar/popup menu will not be shown if you press any other key while holding the left control key or the left windows key.

You can modify this script in a text editor using AutoHotKey language syntax, which is easy to learn, to easily tweak things around a bit if you want.


If I make a CTRL click on a link in a Chrome Web site the listary pop-up is also displayed.
So its not useable in this form

Thanks for sharing :tada:


Here is an updated script that prevents the script from calling listary if you use mouse buttons while the modifier key is down.

Works fine now for my first tests.
I’ll use it a while and report if anything strange happens.
Thanks for sharing your script.

Some strange things happen if I scroll the mouse wheel inside of any Windows 10 settings app.
There comes the message to many hotkeys per intervall and some number is given.
There is then the option to continue or stop.
You can google for #MaxHotkeysPerInterval.
Setting a high value into the script supresses the message but according to the
reports there is something wrong in the script.