Refund Request

I want my money back, I request the refund request on also, but can’t get any answer since yesterday, I know that is Sunday, but today is Monday, and it is 2:23PM IST (UTC +5:30) but can’t get any answer yet.

Order No. : BOP200910-2374-14125
Purchased Date : 11-9-2020
Purchased Email id :

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He maybe have no time。

Me too. I ordered yesterday, the code isn’t working, get an error every time. I don’t even know if it wants the whole bit with my name and email or just the 6 line thing but the program should recognize one of its own codes. I’m contemplating trying to get paypal to stop the payment if it hasn’t processed yet. I’m concerned this isn’t going to work. Did you ever get this rectified Mohammad?