Recommended way to work with Directory Opus Filter bar

Directory Opus has a Filter Bar (to filter files) using * key.
With Listary * key pressed disable the Filter Bar.
Someone has a workaround to have Directory Opus Filter Bar and Listary working both?

Hello gabrielizalo,
Thank you for the post. Is there any way to disable the item in DOPus? I’ve heard it’s very configurable?

  • doesn’t do anything on my listary but I use the app bar mostly and not the filter bar.

hopefully channing can help out better


I don’t want to disable Filter Bar… I want to enable.
DOpus Filter Bar appears pressing [*] key, but pressing that key appears Listary.

I want a workaorund soI cant use Filter bar but continuing using Listary inside DOpus.

Sorry. For not to be clear.

I had this problem too, I’ll share my workaround, maybe you’ll find it intuitive as I do.

  1. In DOpus, go to Preferences, File Displays, FAYT and Filter Bar Keys.
  2. Change Default mode (no activation key required) to Filter
  3. In Listary Settings, General, change Prefix to disable find… to ` (tilde key). I find this useful as I don’t have to press shift+8 fifty times per day.

Now in Dopus, just press ` to disable Listary, then type to use the filter bar. This is second nature to me now.

There are many ways to achieve this; the critical step is using the disable key in Listary

Yes, check Options - General - Prefix to disable FAYT. It should be helpful.

Hey Palladios…
Godlyyy… Thanksss… My default “Prefix to disable find…” key is “!”.
I´ll keep it.
It works perfecttt!!!
Thanks a lot of!!!

Thanks so much for this idea! It was driving me crazy within DOPUS. FWIW, I made a slight modification. As suggested, I changed the Disable prefix to ‘, but then I also changed the Filter Bar activation key to the same thing (’) instead of *. In this way, I can just hit the ’ key twice in rapid succession, and…voila! I have my Filter Bar. Much faster for me than hitting ’ and then shift to the asterisk key.

Love Listary…can’t imagine being without it.

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