Quick Switch + Directory Opus + Libraries

I’m using the latest version of Listary Pro and Directory Opus and am having trouble with the Quick Switch feature when in a Windows library folder.

For example, C:\Users\jeff\Documents\Downloads (which Windows Explorer displays as This PC > Documents > Downloads, and DOpus displays as Libraries > Documents > Downloads)

If I browse to this directory in Windows Explorer (I’ve tested on Windows 10 and 7), I can swap to a FileOpen dialog in, say, MS Word, and the dialog immediately swaps to the correct directory (ie Listary quick switch).

If, however, I do the same thing but using Directory Opus, upon switching to MS Word I get an error message popup:

Open File
You can’t open this location using this program.
Please try a different location.

I suspect one factor that might be playing a part here is how DOpus is providing the library path to Listary. If I click in the location bar in DOpus it translates the path to lib://Documents/Downloads rather than C:\Users\jeff\Documents\Downloads (which Windows Explorer does if I do the same thing). Maybe this is what’s passed to Listary which MS Word then doesn’t like?

Any suggestions on how to get this feature working would be greatly appreciated as a lot of my work is done in the Documents library.


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll contact the developers of DOpus to see if they can make DOpus provide the standardized paths to Listary instead of using their own customized form like lib://.

Very much appreciated.

The DOpus guys seem to be pretty responsive, so hopefully they’ll be able to provide you with what you need. :slight_smile: