Quick switch - automatically select file using Directory Opus

When using Directory Opus it is possible to detect which file(s)/folder(s) is selected in the most recently used window using command:
C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd clipboard copynames

So it would be very nice if Listary automatically selected file in open/save as dialog according to file/folder selected in Directory Opus when using quick switch.

I frequently sort files by modification date or use file filters in DOpus so it would be much more convenient if Listary automatically selected file I found using DOpus.

There’s similar thread I started months ago. Please note that this wish is a bit different from the one below. (The old one is about shortcut to open file selected in file manager, the new one is about auto selecting file after quick switch.)


Oh, I just noticed - it should be /acmd
With /acmd DOpus works on the most recent window.
/cmd on the other hand works on the source lister which is not always what we would want (if you work with DOpus in dual view, /cmd will prefer other, single view listers rather than the one in dual view, even if the latter is the most recent).

Hello daroc,

I’ll add the hotkey one (the old one) in the next next beta version :wink: I’m also considering something like this for DOpus, which is even better.

Some reasons I don’t want to add the auto quick switch for file:

  1. There is no guaranteed way to distinguish a save file dialog from a open file dialog (especially on Xp).

  2. If you select a file in file dialog, the “file name” text box will be filled with the selected file name automatically.

  3. Based on 1 & 2, something terrible might happen. Imagine when you want to save a temporary file New Text Document.txt, but The important file.doc is overwritten just because you switched to DOpus and selected it…

So I need to think more about this one.

Ok, I see your point and totally agree. I don’t want to accidentally lose default file name eg. when saving file in browser.

I hope DOpus integration a la Total Commander will be available soon. :slight_smile: