Quick Switch and other features not working with XYplorer 14 and above


Listary is not working with XYplorer 14 and above. The one listary feature i miss most is quick switch in Dialog boxes of various softwares to the location opened in XYplorer. It worked fine till version 13.90.
Please add support for the latest versions. Thanks in advance.
By the way Listary is great piece of software that make life easier throughout the day., I really appreciate your efforts put behind it.


Thanks for your feedback! I’ll test XYplorer 14.

HI, any update on this ? last official version of listary still has this bug.

I also use XYplorer. Right now on v15.00.0100. This may shed some light on the quick switch problem.
When I have XYp’s Checkbox Selection feature turned on quick switch does not work.
If I turn off Checkbox Selection Listary’s quick switch feature works fine.
I placed the Checkbox Selection icon in my XYp toolbar for quick on/off selection.

I believe the XYp developer has been making some changes in the checkbox and sticky selections code starting with 14.xx.xxx

I just found out that XY’s address bar needs to be visible for quick switch to work, at least in my case. Check box selection not causing problem here.

Similarly curious about this. I’m having issues with quick switch and ‘find as you type’ in current version of XYplorerFree (not sure if those of you above are using free version). @tejaskolte When you say XY’s address bar needs to be visible, any chance you can clarify where the setting is for that? I believe I have XY’s address bar visible but that doesn’t seem to solve things for me.

Thanks for any help and keep up the great work on Listary.

Thank you very much for the information. I just tested XYplorer 15 and can now confirm that Listary works with the Pro version, but not the free version.

I’ve fixed this issue. Since the new version still needs some time, you can make it work again yourself by simply renaming the main XYplorer file from XYplorerFree.exe to XYplorer.exe.

@Channing You’re a golden god. Thanks! :wink: