Queries from listary that travel to the web browser for searches don't bring all the characters over

Steps to Reproduce

Type too quickly for Firefox/Chrome to handle.

Expected Result

The full string being sent to my web browser instead of a partial return.

Actual Result

Only a partial phrase is sent to my web browser from the one I typed into Listary.

Windows Version

Microsoft 11 x64

Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3007)

Listary Version Pro

Additional Information

Allow me to fully explain… (this bug questionaire is so terribly excessive):

When I search a string in Listary that goes to web browser (say, google for example, “g abundance”), if I hit enter too quickly after typing it, only a partial string will be sent over to my browser (Firefox, in this case). Why this happens I have no idea, but this is exceeding annoying. The full string is there in Listary (I confirmed this several times), but it isn’t being sent over unless I add a second delay after typing or so. And therefore, I get odd things in my browser search window like “abund” instead of “abundance”. Please help.

I figured out what’s going on, and hopefully, you can offer a solution. If you enable suggestions, such as from Google, the suggestion population time is offset from the typed query above in listary, commensurate with the Google API (I presume), or perhaps one’s internet speed. The result is only the suggestion line gets sent to the web browser.

Disabling suggestions is the current band-aid I’m using to fix this problem.

My proposed solution is to either:

  1. Send the top line (that the user types), and only send the bottom line suggestions in the list if you down arrow to one of them, or select them via some other means.
  2. Add some type of forced delay which will wait to send the enter key, and open the web browser, until the suggestion list is fully populated.

1 seems like a better solution, though.

Thanks for your feedback, @Apocalypse612!

We indeed decoupled the top line from other suggestions as in your solution #1. However, there is a 200ms delay to avoid refreshing the search result list too quickly. We’ll remove the delay, and everything should be fine.

The fix will be available in the next beta, planned to be released this week.

Thanks! God bless.