QTTabBar extra view focus problem


QTTabBar has extra views now and when i focus on the left pane viewand do a search i get a list of search results but when i want to open a folder, it’s focus is set to the right view pane!

Hope you can fix this. The right pane is ok. But listary only focuses on the right pane, not on the left pane.

Thanks for the feedback. Bug logged. I’ll test the latest version of QTTabBar.

Hi Channing,

not so sure anymore it’s a bug in Listary. The focus problem also occurs with Control Panel options.

Will also contact the maker of QTTabBar about this.

Thanks for looking into this.

Any news on this one? There have been two QTTabbar updates and the focus problem is still there with listary. It only focusses on the right pane, not the left extra view pane.

Sorry for the delay in responding. The extra view seems to be identical to the right view, but it’s not. It actually is a standalone “third-party” file manager (which looks like Explorer) embedded in Explorer. Unfortunately it’s not easy for Listary to support it.

Ok, thanks Channing.