Publishing to the Microsoft Store


Dear developer,
Are you going to publish Listary 6 to Microsoft Store,too?
I think it could be useful for users to have a centralized update system.


Applications in the Microsoft store runs in a restricted mode. Publishing Listary to Microsoft Store will disable most of its functions.


that’s not true. you can apply for a permission called using all the system resources or something like that. and you will be able to do what ever you want, with UAC authorized of course.


That is what @Channing said. Maybe you can discuss the details with @Channing.


Unfortunately, there are still many limitations even with “All system resources”. For example, you can’t install a service or start Listary as admin with Windows, which makes it impossible to use the fast disk search engine.


Thanks for reply, I am not a developer but I am currently using “Snipaste”. They DID find a way to support install a service to allow the tool start up as admin along with Windows. But I am sorry I dont know how they did it.


For what do I need such an Update system ?
Currently I just right click the Listary tray icon and select Check for Updates.
I like that more than an Store driven update which does things I don’t want at certain times.


Thanks for the information. I’ll check Snipaste and evaluate the possibility of disturbing Listary on Windows Store. Also, I happen to know the developer of Snipaste :slight_smile:


Great to the Microsoft Store possibility! See Snipaste, QuickLook and Listary all in the store will be a great experience.