Provide a quick "Update indexes" in the notification icon

Say I just saved a file somewhere or extracted a bunch of files. Listary won’t find the files that were just created until the next indexation. I set the reindexing timers to 20 minutes to have it fairly up-to-date but oftentimes I save a file somewhere and need to open it in another app, hence I would like it it be indexed right away. If there was a menuItem from he notification icon to update all indexes I would have to open listary settings, go to index, select each indexation directories one by one and click index…

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Do you mean that you often save or extract files to a shared network drive (or other non-NTFS volumes) and want Listary to find them faster?

I’d like to add a +1 for this because I often result to just using Everything instead of Listary because Listary usually does not find recently downloaded files