Project listing

Could keyword “proj” show a listing of all projects? immediately below “add the current folder as the project”
Sometimes I do not remember every projects I have created. That it would refreshed my memory.

So I could saw

  1. add the current folder as the project

// projects (sort by recent)
2) myProjectName
3) anotherProjectName
4) differentProjectName

// path
5) somepath
6) anotherPath

This would be powerfull with this feature: Smarter browsing folders

It might not be difficult to implement and would reinforce the value of paid version.

It could also act as a prevention against creating duplicate projects.

Keyword eg. “Proj lib” could be showing all matches with your defined projects. (Again below the “Add the current folder as the project.” item.)

Thank you very much for this suggestion. I’ve added it to my to-do list. It’ll be implemented along with the folder browsing feature.

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