Problem recently: many files are not seen in the Hotkey search

Hi there, I have a problem - pls help me to solve it bevor I delete the Listary from my PC. Since some recent update most of the files on my drives are apparently put into the category of the “low priority”. Thus, when I search for them from the Hotkey window, I do not find them. I must go to the main search window, allow the option “include the low priority files” and only then suddenly the Listary searches for everything. When I close the main window, however, everything returns to the old situation, and I cannot find anything from the Hotkey.

This does not make any sense, drives me crasy and I am really searching for the better alternatives.


That’s easy to solve.
Simply remove the Low priority entries you miss and add them to the Normal priority.
There are only a few path entries, so no big work.