Pro Device Limit Exceeded?! Seriously?!

The recent update has deactivated my previously purchased license, reverting to the Free version. I solely use it on this computer. It seems to be an error on your end or a potential unauthorized use of my license, though I find the latter unlikely. Regardless, I urgently seek restoration of my Pro features.

License invalidation occurs when Listary detects that the activation key has exceeded the allowed number of devices.
However, there may be false positive alerts when you reinstall, completely reinstall, switch to a different computer, or reinstall the operating system.
Don’t worry, please try reactivating your license after a few days. If you are still unable to reactivate your license after a long period of time, please contact Listary support directly at

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Thank you for your reply,

I am part of the Windows Insider program, so my OS gets updated regularly. I have only installed Listary on this PC, and I suspect it’s a false positive. This issue arose today, even though my Windows update was a few days ago. I believe it may be related to the Listary update, so I’m flagging this as a potential problem that other Pro users might have encountered.

I have contacted support but have not received a response yet. I hope they will resolve this issue soon.

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 24H2
Installed on ‎4/‎9/‎2024
OS build 26100.1
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.26100.1.0
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This issue was resolved with the assistance of Xinyi Li from Listary support.
This link can manage the actived accounts.

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Got this warning the other day… but deleting three activations… all the same PC… I could re-activate Listary :slight_smile:

I am now having this issue too. I only have Listary Pro installed twice, one Listary Version 5 Pro portable installed on my work laptop and one Listary Pro Version 6 installed on my home laptop. It was working on my home laptop fine until I did a Windows update and now I am getting the above message about needing to purchase I licence when I enter my licence key and email. How do I fix this so my Pro licence will continue to work? Please help!

Reinstalling/reactivating Windows or changing hardware can sometimes cause the machine code to change. This might lead to the system recognizing it as more than one computer, resulting in the message indicating that your license is being used on too many devices.

You can manage your devices by visiting

If you believe your registration code has been compromised, please contact to change your email address.

Thank you for the solution , this is very informative

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