Possible to search inside file contents?

There are lots of software such as anytxt or textpipe that can search withing file contents in seconds. Kinda like everything search but for inside files. I’m wondering whether such a feature could be added to listary or at least perhaps use another program under the hood to provide such a functionality with the results being displayed in listary. Thanks in advance.

Use Fastkeys with autocomplete module for text search in files.

Fastkeys doesn’t search file content according to their own description.
Listary could use the Windows index like Everything does it as an option.

Windows index is slow as molasses and so is there search, which is why I removed it from my system and use listary instead. Also AnyTxt does have this capability but I would rather use one search that has it all then several programs if possible.

I don’t know what old hardware or Windows you have
but for searching indexed content there is no big delay at all
as only the index is checked.
Btw. the indexer itself can be configured to only index certain dirs
since many version of Windows.
This makes the database smaller and the system load minimized.

It’s windows in general. Everything search and listary are much faster