Possible bug/room for improvement - keyword overlap and priority

I’ve created custom keywords that launch various programs, some with command line switches.
I use ‘ol’ to launch or switch to Outlook; I also use shortcuts for a new blank email, and for blank but addressed emails. This is where the problem arose - I wanted to use ‘olb’ for a blank email, which did work, but when I then type just ‘ol’, the default/selected option is the blank email, and not the option to switch to Outlook.
Is it possible to prioritise all keywords, or to give preference to specific keywords so that similar keywords or keywords containing others aren’t automatically but incorrectly selected? Cheers!

Hi, if you type ‘ol’, select it manually to launch Outlook a few times (usually only once or twice), Outlook will become the top one instead of the blank email command.

Ah, good to know that it does that. Unfortunately that may not be a permanent solution, as I use both commands pretty frequently, so they will probably keep switching priorities.

Normally they won’t’ switch if you keep using ‘ol’ only for Outlook and ‘olb’ for blank emails.