Portable version (even if limited, without the indexing etc...)

Repeating this request in the hopes a portable version will be considered.
If possible, just disable the functions that need installation. Listary has enough other uses to be functional. (favourites, folder switching,…etc)

Please consider.

But without indexing there are many other free tools which provide even better Favorites (QAP)
or Quick Switch (Autohotkey scripts).

I have tried many other tools, QAP also.
I had my own scripting solution but Listary works better, especially the director switching.
Without the indexing you have the favorites, directory switching, filemanager interaction and the (possible?) future API? Or at least adding your scripts and tools through Listary.
Once the portable version is there, then you can look further on how to implement the indexing through other methods. With listary I didn’t need multiple tools, it’s all under one (portable) umbrella.