Please support OneCommander2

I’m using a new awesomely looking windows file manager OneCommander and unfortunately it seems that Listary isn’t working there.
I’m using the version 5 latest beta 5.00.2177 and have manually added OneCommanderV2.exe (also latest version 2 64bit) to Listary Options -> App Settings, enabled Find as you type, but it doesn’t work.
Now, I understand that this specific function might be impossible to add since OC has its own search on type.
However, even when I invoke Listary window with e.g. double-CTRL and type a name of a folder within current folder, Listary doesn’t recognize the current folder (just like it would in Windows File Explorer) and doesn’t allow this type of navigation within OneCommander.
Would you please add support of this modern file manager with nice interface as well?
Thank you


Hi, Listary can only support file managers that have open interfaces for external apps to access. I’ll contact the developers of OneCommander to see if it’s possible for them to add such interfaces.

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Is this the full list of things required from OC for Listary to work with it?

The file manager must support exporting the following content to a file or provide other means for an external application to access them:

  1. The current folder path
  2. The current file list (including file name, full path, file type)
  3. The current selected file in the file list

It should also allow an external application to:

  1. Select a specific file in the file list
  2. Open a specific file in the file list
  3. Open a specific folder

I’m happy to email the developers on my own once you confirm the list of requirements, but it’d also be nice if you could do the same — will carry more weight coming from another developer.

Hi, I’ve just sent an email to the developer of One Commander.

These are requirements to support find-as-you-type. It’s much simpler to add basic support which allows you to open search results, use favorites and commands in One Commander: One Commander only needs to allow external apps to get and set the current folder path.

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Thank you. I’ve also sent a feature request with a link to this thread. Hopefully this wouldn’t be too much trouble to implement.

In general options … “select open folder with”, then in path put your “onecommander file folder\onecommander.exe”. Example: “c:\OneCommander\OneCommander.exe”

then… in parameter… put “%1”