Please, make it READ INSIDE documents (txt, pdf, xlsx, msg, eml, rtf, html,

I am really happy with this Pro version you reached so far…
…but the lack of it is that I’ll have to buy Copernic, too…

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Thank you for your feedback. Though there is no plan to fully support content searching in Listary, I may consider adding a simplified text searching feature.

I hate to be the naysayer, but I really don’t want this. Simple text searching would definitely be appreciated, but no more than that. Also, give user option to turn off.

I worry about “result fatigue”. I have so much (organized) crap on computer that a feature like this would my brain vomit. :frowning:

No worries here. Even if I add it, you’ll have to turn it on manually for each search like using a content: keyword.

That will be really nice, Channing !!! :slight_smile: