Please add option to disable hotkeys for certain apps

Just getting a bit tedious having to close down Listary before I fire up a game. If I don’t, I get kicked out of the game when I press Ctrl twice. Another solution would be to allow remapping Ctrl x2 to something else.

Ctrl-Ctrl will be disabled automatically for full-screen games in the next version.

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Excellent. Thanks Channing. Although, there is still a concern. I’m going to guess ctrl-ctrl will be disabled for anything that runs “exclusive fullscreen” mode (the traditional mode that most games use), which is good, but more and more titles these days have an option for “Borderless Fullscreen”, which is basically the same as windowed except it fills the entire screen. I can’t imagine how Listary could distinguish between normal applications and games running in borderless. Hence why I proposed hotkey blacklisting.

I don’t think it’s necessary to distinguish between them. There aren’t many applications running in full-screen mode, maybe only some video players. And in real life, you would not want to activate Listary from within them anyway.

So if I ran VLC fullscreen for instance, would the hotkey be disabled, or no? I am just curious about how you’ve implemented fullscreen detection.

The hotkey will be disabled.

If a window’s size equals your screen resolution, it’s considered fullscreen.

Oh, that’s perfect then. Thank you for clarifying.

Does that include programs that are maximized? I might have a browser window maximized to full screen, but still want to use the hotkey.

Your browser window won’t be considered full screen if you only maximize it unless you press F11 to enter full screen mode explicitly.

Hi, the new version (v6) has a built-in disable ctrl x2 in full-screen app. However, in my recent experience this only work with 1 monitor full-screen. I’m using remote desktop and when remoting using a single monitor mode Listary works. But if using both monitors for full-screen remote desktop Listary will show up in host. This is really bothering.