Please add feature allow user to set search result width?

as per subject, please add this feature, my job need to do lot of search on share folder and mostly the file is store at deep sub folders, as address is too long, it’s out of box, it would be nice that it can automatically adjust the ui width or it would allow user to manual adjust the UI width,
it’s very annoy as I can’t see where the file located, I have to open it by folder and it would require right click then click on folder, pls kindly add this feature ASAP.

Thank you very much, I have to say this is an awesome tools.


I too want this feature.
the same reason why I need the feature.

When I use Listary to search for files in deep folder hierarchies,
the paths shown in the list of search results extend beyond the search results window.
It is sometimes difficult to distinguish which file you are looking for.

By the way,
As an alternative to adjusting the window size,
I would be satisfied with something like the following
For example.

  • Option to display paths on multiple lines so that the entire path fits.
  • Option to add horizontal scrolling animation to the file path display area

Please support such a feature ASAP.


I need this feature too.