Please add an option to sort "favorite" folders

Hi, in the options dialog, could you please add an option to sort the favorites folders:

  • by date added (and also display the date added)
  • by name ascending/descending

Thank you for a wonderful program!

Hi, you can open Listary Options - Menus, and use drag & drop to rearrange your favorites.

maybe not on topic, but is there a way to sort the search results?

Not supported in the current version :frowning:

Hopefully will be supported in a future one? this would be very useful for me as Listary keeps giving me irrelevant files and I often have to choose the correct one from the dropdown.

Yes, the sorting rules will definitely be more configurable.


This is critical feature. Rules (such as what Find and Run Robot - FARR has) would be very helpful.

One idea would be to create a search filter a: to search for that specific folder?