Path variables

Hi, I am new to Listary so I am still learning the program.
Are there any path variables in this program? I use them in almost all my programs to abstract the file system as much as I can; which is one thing that Listary also does.
for example, It would be nice to have something like %appdrive% for the drive letter of the hard drive that Listery is currently running from.
Or is there a way to define a custom variable? for example mypath=P:\myfolder\somefolder
Then I could use %mypath% for launching apps or custom folder searches.
example use: I type and search for a pdf file. Listary finds it. By default it will open with whatever pdf reader is installed. But I would like to use a pdf reader I like better (or the computer does not have a pdf reader). so I can launch the file using something like %mypath%\myPDFreader\pdfreader.exe %1 or something.

Thanks you for any help.


There are some variables, but they are all subject to change in the new Listary 5. There will be detailed documentation when Listary 5 comes out.

Most path fields support relative paths and system environment variables, you can give it a try.

Currently there is no plan to add custom variable support.