PATH changes won't propagate in Cmd invoked by Listary (unless you restart Listary itself)

Unless you quit and reopen Listary itself, changes to PATH environment variable won’t propagate in apps like Cmd. (Coming to think of it, this should be the case with any app launched by Listary, right?)

To me, it was a bit tricky to figure out that I needed to restart Listary, itself, for my new PATH to work. I thought it was Cmd’s fault all along, until I ran Cmd from Explorer and did echo %PATH:;=&echo.% only to find out the new path was showing up there but not in the Cmd invoked by Listary, even if I quit and reopened that instance multiple times.

When you change the PATH variable, Explorer broadcasts a WM_SETTINGCHANGE so that any programs opened by Explorer will see the changes next time they run. Is there any chance that Listary could tap into that change signal and utilize it to prevent the need for restarting itself? Having to quit and restart Listary seems a bit unintuitive, at least for the average user.