Pass argument on selected app


the only thing missing from Launchy is the fact that there is no way to pass arguments to executables. Whenever something is selected, after you press tab (an arrow is displayed that you entered this mode), whatever you type is being passed as a parameter.

My scenario is that I have some small command line applications which require parameter passing. One of them is cold MsProblemFixer. If you pass “quote” it formats all the items in the clipboard with quotes. If you pass “update” creates update statements. If you pass anything else it considers it to be a table name and creates inserts from whatever data is in the clipboard.

One way to overcome it would be to create shortcut for each argument. However, the table list is really long. On top of that new tables are being added to a database or new databases created.

Anyway, there can be plenty of scenarios when you need to pass parameters. Would be a nice feature.

Listary supports this. The place holder is {query}.

Just use {query} as the Parameter for your MsProblemFixer command in Listary, and set a keyword like “pf” for it. After that, you can directly type pf quote to invoke MsProblemFixer with “quote”.


thank you for the reply.

I was on holiday for three weeks, hence the delay.

I don’t really understand what to do with pf and {query}. I think you mean something else.

However, after reading your suggestion I managed to create a custom command (Keywords -> Custom) which invokes MsProblemFixer. However, it means that for every application I want to pass parameters I would need to create a Custom command. Am I doing it correctly?

Yes, you need to create a custom command for every application that you want to pass parameters to. Fortunately there aren’t many such apps (only 1 on my system), and the process is much simpler than you think. Just search for the .exe in Listary, enter Actions menu, then choose “Set Keyword”. You can then modify the Parameter in Listary Options.