Other application providing Quick Switch functionality?

I would like to stop using Listary as it seems development is dead and doesn’t work well on my system, however, the only thing that keeps me with it is the automatic “quick switch” functionality to automatically navigate in file dialogs (Listary – Free File Search Tool & App Launcher) which I use daily.

Has anyone come across any other tool (or decent AutoHotKey Script) that does the same thing and works without pressing a hotkey?

Thank you.

Yes, I use this one
Works for me with Explorer, Total Commander and XYplorer.
The GUI will be enhanced but its already working fine.

Any idea why the script is throwing this error? quickswitch

There is no such content in the AHK source,
so I guess you made some error while downloading.
I have downloaded and compiled the script and use it daily.
Use the green Code button and download the Zip.

Quick Access Popup has that function. It has other things which are nice, but I mainly got it for the “quick switch” feature.