Options dialog improvements

1. Please add the ability for user to set a Hotkey to open the Options window.

Currently, the Options window has no hotkey, so it can only be opened by manually clicking a menu option or by opening a toolbar and then typing a keyword.

2. Make options window remember last used section. When you are making several changes to a particular section, it is annoying to have to keep navigating back to the same place that you were the last time the Options dialog was opened.

  1. Options is a command in Options -> Keywords -> Commands having the keyword “opt” by default. Options is also an item in Options -> Menus -> Popup Menu, where you can set a hotkey for it.
  1. One of the design principles of Listary is to reduce the usage of Options as much as possible. Usually there are quicker and easier ways to perform common Options tasks (e.g. adding favorites) without using Options.
  2. Use the “Apply” button instead of “OK” when you need to make several changes and test them. It will keep the dialog open.

Thank you, DiamondbacK.

I did not realize that Options was also listed under Menus, where I could assign a hotkey to it instead of having to use a keyword.

This is exactly what I wanted.

I appreciate the heads up.

Even if you come back to the Options page some considerable time later, there is still no reason why it should always open on the ‘General’ section.

I mean how often are people going to change the settings on that section compared to others sections.

It would still be better if it opened in the section that was last used.