Option to increase the number of search results shown in the window


And another small feature request, please bear with me. :slight_smile: It would be really useful to have an option to set the number of search results shown in the window or a simple checkbox to show everything relevant to the search query. As far as I can tell, there is some limit to how many search results are shown in Listary window and this little handicap sometimes prevents me from finding files that I need. For example I want to find a file that has a word new in its name, but there are a lot of other files of the same type with the word new in the name as well. The problem is that I don’t remember anything about this file name except that there is a word new in its name and abstract idea what else can be in there, because of that I can’t narrow the scope of my search by adding additional keywords. But the file could be easily found just by manually looking through the whole list of files with new in the name. I’ve made a small gif file to illustrate this.

Of course in real life files are scattered across folders and volumes, but it doesn’t change anything.


I find it has enough for me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to this. I’m curious if it’s an easy request.


It depends on the number of files/folders you have on your PC and on the way they are named. Sadly, for me the current number of search results is not enough, and from time to time I am unable to find files I need because of the limited scope. :disappointed:

My understanding is that Listary is already processing the whole index, it is just that the number of results shown for a specific search query is artificially limited. So it shouldn’t be hard to change this behavior. But that’s my opinion, let’s wait for developer’s answer.


It may be better if you press PgDn and PgUp keys to look through the list page by page instead of scrolling with mouse wheel.


Thanks for advice, but for my eyes it is easier to spot divergent objects when they are in motion. :slight_smile: Also I thought that in this particular case mouse scrolling is a more illustrative example.


So, what do you think of this feature request?


Personally I prefer not to show a large number of search results. However it shouldn’t be hard to make the maximum number of results configurable.


Thanks for the answer. I would be very grateful if you would implement this feature in your product, because recently I again was in the situation when the current number of search results was not enough for me.


+1 on this. I am trying to find all video: files on a drive so i can move them someplace else. Being able to return all results, and then manage them all, would be super-helpful. In fact, that’s what I bought the app for :unamused: