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Download link : https://www.listary.net/download/beta/Listary.exe
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Listary V6.3 beta is out with another update! This time, we’ve fixed the memory leak in Listary-core and polished lots of small details. Give it a go!

V6.3.0.69 Changelog

  • Fixed: Resolved the memory leak issue within Listary-core.

  • New: Automatically searches all files by default, eliminating the need to manually enable “Rarely Used Files”.

  • Improved: Significantly enhanced the indexing mechanism for network drives and local folders.

    • Listary now automatically monitors changes, applicable to most NAS devices.

    • Prevents network indexes from rebuilding after startup.

  • Improved: Refined the user experience of the file search window.

    • Removed: The feature where double-clicking Ctrl closes the file search window.

    • Added: The Esc key can be used to clear the search query.

    • Improved: The “Rarely Used Files” toggle stays on by default.

    • Fixed: The issue where the file search window could not scroll horizontally.

    • Fixed: The issue where the search query overlapped with the cue banner.

    • Fixed: Some UI issues on the sidebar of the file search window.

  • New: Added an option to “Start Listary when Windows starts”.

  • New: Refined the priority UI to support easy restoration of default rules.

  • New: Introduced a Listary diagnostic tool for troubleshooting issues such as program freezes and high CPU usage.

  • Fixed: Crashes caused by attempting to open deleted, moved, or unauthorized files.

  • Improved: If a folder was previously opened, it will not open in a new window again.

V6.3.0.71 Changelog

  • Improved: Show download progress when opening OneDrive on-demand files.

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where indexing network drives or custom folders caused a crash.

V6.3.0.73 Changelog

  • New: Added a preview hotkey in the file search window for quick file previews.

  • New: Added OneCommander file manager support.

  • Improved: Significantly reduced the time it takes to open the launcher for the first time.

  • Improved: Listary no longer triggers when pressing a leading space in file dialogs, enhancing compatibility with utilities like QuickLook.

  • Fixed: Resolved a rare crash that occurred when processing Unicode characters.

  • Fixed: Addressed a potential crash that could happen when searching through history.

V6.3.0.75 Changelog:

  • New: Introduced support for Files (https://files.community/).
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where Baidu search suggestions were not working.
  • Fixed: Addressed potential crashes in the disk search engine.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash that occurred when opening files. Changelog:

  • Fixed: Fixed some known issues.

Good improvements, but I still can’t restrict what drives to search for.
D: some_search
It always finds all entries regardless of the drive.
This is very annoying if you have backup drives with the same files and dirs as C:
The Ignore list is no option as there are not only backup files on this drive.

listary-core.exe Unable to ProcessPrng function to bcryptprimitives.dll

Windows 7 version 7601 Service Pack 1

You can use D:\ some_search to restrict the drive.

Sorry, starting from Listary V6, Windows 7 and XP are no longer supported. Some versions of Listary V6 might still run on Windows 7 and XP, but we cannot guarantee that every update will be compatible.

Thanks, that works.

Hi, since new update, Listary always throws an exception after few minutes:


Could you please send the log files to support@listary.com? Thanks.

  1. Run ‘Listary.Diagnostics.exe’ as an administrator, located in the ‘C:\Program Files\Listary’ folder.
  2. Click ‘Export Logs’ to export the log files.


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I can confirm the issue too.

Maybe please also add download link for old versions in case current beta is crashing.

The only link I found is https://www.listary.net/download/beta/Listary.exe

I want to download the release just before the latest.


Listary Stable

The listary 5 is still snappier then listary 6. The listary is stable but still slower than version 5. For me, all beta versions get slower with time. Then all of a sudden, listary stops functioning (doublt Ctrl does not work). If I try to right click listary in the taskbar, it gives a black window. Finally, I have to endtask and end listary.
I have gone back to the stable version…Lots of improvement required in listary 6…No doubt the functionality is better than version 5

This issue was fixed in V

Could you specify which part is slow? Is it slow to start, slow in displaying search results, or something else?

You could try version, as a bug in version 69 might cause crashes.

The same issue still persists with

Could you please send the log files to support@listary.com? Thanks.

  1. Run ‘Listary.Diagnostics.exe’ as an administrator, located in the ‘C:\Program Files\Listary’ folder.
  2. Click ‘Export Logs’ to export the log files.

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How can I help with the translation of Listary?

Thanks, for OneCommander file manager support.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help! We handle our translations through Crowdin. You can find the project here: Listary dashboard in Crowdin

Ok. If I help with the translation, can I get a license for Listary Pro?

Sure! Please send the request to support@listary.com. Thanks for the help.