Opening folders through favorites or history always opens navigation pane

I’m new to trying Listary, and really like a lot of what I see.

When using the great feature of having access to folders (or files) from within the favorites or history functions, any time I select one of the folders from the menu, it will ALWAYS open the folder with the navigation pane open. i don’t have the navigation pane visible by default, so I found that odd.

It will open a window (folder) properly when I am hovering over an open window (folder) and middle-click to bring up the context menu, and open one of those folders as I had previously done WITHOUT the navigation pane.

So it appears to be opening folders by default with the navigation pane displayed. Is there a way to force Listary to look to Windows explorer’s method of how this works (as however the last folder was: navigation pane on or off)?

Searching initially, this seemed to be very much what I am looking for:
Expanding Folder Tree

Channing, you say “I’ve fixed this in version 4.” - it doesn’t seem to be any different than what is described in that topic linked above.

Thanks for any assistance with helping me to open folders without showing the entire tree-structure every time. I look forward to purchasing the Pro version of Listary, as it is looking like a fantastic utility! :gem:

Just fixed it! Please wait for the next release.