"Open File Location" functionality gone in Directory Opus

For years now, I have used Listary and Directory Opus to pretty much annihilate the tedium of searching for files.
I am not certain when this started happening, but on both my work and home PC’s, Open File Location has disappeared from my right-click context-menu options.

I have confirmed that Open File Location works just fine with the native Windows File Manager. This is the first time I’ve encountered a DO bug of this nature and just wanted to check on the Listary end before I revisit the DO end.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you might have.

Additional Data: If I try to do a Listary search on an empty desktop, it is clearly hooked into DO because the options that pop up are in-line with the current bug as I’ve described it. However, when I open in Windows Explorer, I see the context menu exactly as I remember it pre-this-bug.

Thank you for your feedback. Do you mean Open File Location is missing from DOpus’ right-click context menu or Listary’s Actions menu when it’s activated within DOpus?

Do you still encounter this inconsistency if you open the same folder in DOpus and File Explorer, and right-click on the same file?